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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Anyone from late teens to early 90's can have a tooth implant.
  • The dentist will do an x-ray to ensure that you have sufficient quality and quantity of bone to support an implant.
  • An implant is a Titanium post with a specially activated surface similar in shape and size to a tooth's root.
  • Implants cost approximately R15,000 per tooth. Studies show that implants are cost effective when compared with alternative treatment plans.
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Dental Implants

Replace Lost Teeth with Aesthetic Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace lost teeth with no impact on adjoining teeth. The implant enables the dentist to attach a crown (false tooth) to a post that has been surgically implanted in the bone below the gum line. The only other option for replacing a lost tooth is to build a “bridge” of several teeth anchored by healthy teeth on either side. Unfortunately, this method can destroy the tooth structure of the healthy teeth attached to the bridge.

Dental implants are considered the standard of care and preferred treatment for missing teeth.

What are the advantages of Dental Implants?

  • Implants are aesthetically pleasing as they feel and look like your natural teeth.
  • When properly maintained they can often last for a lifetime.
  • There is no impact on adjacent teeth. With a conventional bridge, adjacent teeth must take the chewing load for teeth covering a gap. In addition, tooth material from the adjacent teeth must be removed in order to anchor the bridge.
  • Dental implants help preserve the function and quality of alveolar bone in the jaw. Bone subjected to normal chewing loads tends to remain healthy and functional. With conventional bridges there is no bone load beneath the replaced teeth so bone atrophy often results.

Letting lost teeth go untreated can cause a number of problems

  • Missing teeth can affect what foods or drinks you can consume, which can lead to poor nutrition and overall health.
  • Your bite can also be affected, causing your teeth to line up improperly which can lead to possible jaw joint or other bite problems.
  • Your self-esteem can be reduced as well, if you feel self-conscious and worry about people noticing missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth and want to discuss dental implant options, contact Green Apple Dentists. Let us help you regain your smile, not just for cosmetic reasons, but for the sake of your health as well.


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